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SP-657 Shockproof Half Finger Sports Gloves

Hitting the dirt in the peak of summer may have you craving minimalism, skipping gear in lieu of fresh air, but skipping your gloves can cause some regrets when you blow through a berm and are caught in a nest of thorns.

Fortunately, you can opt for the airy light feel of going gloveless without skipping protection, thanks to the SP-657 Shockproof Half Finger Sports Gloves. These lightweight gloves combine a spandex upper that breathes with ease, with a synthetic leather palm for gripping the bars, and giving you just enough protection if you got OTB and into the woods. 


  • Ultra-cushioned to take the sting out of the road
  • The padding absorbs vibrations from rough rides
  • Ultra-light and durability
  • Spandex backside for a stretchy, hand-conforming fit
  • Breathable back of hand lets sweat escape
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop Closure

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