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SP-515 E-Motion Silicone Bicycle Saddle

The SP-515 E-Motion Silicone Bicycle Saddle is aimed for riders with a high power output to bodyweight ratio, with a stiff carbon-injected nylon shell, and two thermoplastic elastomer wings that are bonded with the nylon spine. These wings provide just enough flex to keep you comfortable, while the center holds up to rigors of trail riding, and dampens chatter. The cover is crafted from smooth and sleek classic material that stands up to hard miles in the saddle.


  • A style-packed saddle for all-day rides
  • Multi-density foam soaks up road chatter
  • Manganese rails hold strong for support
  • Relieve pressure with full-length cutout
  • Cutout allows gentle flex to soften bumps
  • Easy to mount

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