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SP-422 Adjustable Bike Phone Mount

There's a song stuck in your head, and you feel like you just can't get anything accomplished until you listen to it. On repeat. All day long. So, pull it up on your phone, clip it into the SP-422 Adjustable Bike Phone Mount, press play, and start pedaling. This handlebar mount employs an easy-to-use locking design that secures your phone through bumps and potholes to ensure that not a second of the song is missed, while the simple adjustable strap provides a universal fit that'll transfer from your bike to your shopping cart to keep the music alive while running errands. 



  • Secures on bike handlebars 
  • Locks your phone into place
  • Lever lock lets you to take your phone on and off in seconds
  • Adjustable security strap provide a universal fit for any bar
  • Easy to set up

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