The Cool Riders - MTB Road Bike Helmet

It is a premier quality helmet available in beautiful colors and design, not only give you the best look but also give you a very comfortable and cool ride due to its lightweight and high vented features designed for heat deception properties. The shape and location of the vents will provide you the best aerodynamic features for road cycling. The washable antibacterial internal padding system with the anti-bug net will protect you from insects while riding any terrain.

The lower cut design in the back will provide you additional coverage of protection while off-road mountain biking. When you are exposed to a lot more obstacles on trails, every bit of coverage the helmet can provide is crucial.

The visor will provide you the additional protection to your face. It will provide shade and block aggressive sun rays that may impede your vision while riding a single track. On wet rides, the visor will provide you as a shield and prevent rogue specks of mud from getting into your eyes.

 The Features

Safety and Protection - Safety is always first. Wearing this high-quality Road helmet will provide you with the high standard safety features for road and mountain biking. The helmet is reinforced with an ABS Integrally molded Skeleton adopted with high-density EPS foam to absorb shocks and protect you with a crash.

Cool and Comfort - Its scientific ventilation design keeps you cool and comforts with maximum air vents for heat deception and the best aerodynamics feature to reduce wind resistance for providing you the happiest experience during long hours of driving hard.

Perfectly Fit - The helmet is designed to be fit to mostly all type of head shapes with the best retention system. You may choose the size you need and adjust horizontally and vertically in seconds with a quick adjustable and comfortable chin strap and adjuster wheel for a tighter, snugger fit. Adjust one time as per your head shape and circumference measurement and use it comfortably.

Additional Features - You will feel very comfortable while wearing the helmet as it is provided with high quality soft removable antibacterial washable pads. Integrated bug net and the sun visor provide you the protection from insects, hard sunlight, rains, and bugs while cycling. 

The Specifications
  • Foam density: 75 g/L
  • Size: 55-61 CM
  • Weight: about 280 g
  • Material: PC+EPS+Insect mesh+adjustable brim
  • Air holes:22
  • Inner width: 17.5 cm
  • The inner EPS shock-release system was put in.and we used the aramid filament to enhance the strength.
  • Structure: outer strong in-mold PC shell to against the shock and inner EPS can absorb the shock well.

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